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Trade Labels

Increasingly, trade label printers, packaging suppliers, design agencies and print management companies are relying on Stikit Labels for their plain label and pre-printed label supplies.

If label printing is not your core activity or your company's schedule is tight, outsourcing production to a trade labels Supplier (such as Stikit Label Company) is the ideal solution for maximising cost and delivery efficiency. This creates extra productive time for your presses and workforce, enabling you to concentrate on the most profitable core activities for your business.

Did you know? ...

When you visit any supermarket in the UK, the goods you purchase will have been delivered on pallets which will have a 'pallet label' applied to them. A lot of these labels will have been manufactured by Stikit Labels ... You didn't know, this is because we offer a 100% confidential trade service with the option to deliver direct with plain cores, boxes and notes or with your headed/branded delivery notes.

If you are interested in our 100% confidential trade service or any of our other label / digital label services, please contact Stikit Labels now!

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