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When ordering labels, we’ve detailed below a list of information that would aid us to provide you with a precise quote for your requirements. But don’t worry if you don’t know the answer to some of these – we’ll guide you through them.

1. What’s the end use of the labels so we can ensure you select the right label product for your needs?

2. What is the size of labels you require?
3. Do you require a narrow edge or wide edge leading labels?
4. Do you want the labels facing towards the inside (inside wound) or outside (outside wound) of the roll?
5. Would you like the labels on rolls or sheets?
6. Will the labels be plain or printed?
7. If printed labels are required, how many colours will need to be printed?
8. What material / adhesive do you require?
9.Do you require finished labels or are you going to add information / print on them?
10. If you are printing on the labels what method are you using?
11. Will the labels be hand applied or machine applied?
12. What core size do you require (more applicable to machine applied labels)?
13. What quantity per roll or maximum outside diameter of roll do you require?
14. What production quantity would you like?
15. What is the delivery post code or area?